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Pros and Cons - Beards

Updated: Mar 12

Beards are in. Beards have been in for a very long time. While not something every single man has the ability to grow, a beard can quickly become a large part of your overall look. Hell, rock one for long enough and it might become your distinguishing feature, a crucial element of your appearance that, were it to disappear, would cause family and friends to walk by you in the street without the faintest recognition. To some, this may sound dramatic, but I assure you, multiple hairy friends have informed me that, were they to shave their beard off, they would be shaving off a chunk of their personality as well. Being not overly hairy myself, I decided to talk to these friends, and find out exactly what the perks and downsides are to sporting a Viking mane.


Appearance. Growing a beard makes you look older; it makes you look more distinguished; and, to some people, it makes you look more attractive. Many people view a beard as a symbol of dominance, as a token of masculinity. If this is something you like the sound of, then it may be worth letting that stubble grow out a little more, but then again…


Appearance. As I said before, beards are in. But that doesn’t mean everyone loves them. For instance, some bearded men find their face scruff makes them look much more intimidating than before. A polite smile toward a stranger has a higher chance to be met with their gaze suddenly hitting the floor, rather than a reciprocated smile in return. To some, having a large beard gives off an impression of unruliness while to others, particularly children, being unable to read facial expressions clearly may cause them to be slightly wary of you.


Less Maintenance. Once your beard is long enough, it’s time to officially chuck out the razor. While you should definitely keep your beard fresh with oils and a slight trim every now and then; not having to razor shave with gel every morning will save you a phenomenal amount of time in your routine. Do some press-ups, make a healthy breakfast or spend 10 more minutes in bed. The extra time is yours to enjoy!


Itchy skin. This doubles for you and also your partner. First off, when you begin the beard-growing process, you may find the skin around your facial hair becoming red and irritated. This is caused by the sharp end of the hair scratching your skin follicles as it grows, leaving your now stubbly face with an annoying itchy feeling. Don’t be surprised if this also bothers your partner too, as newly grown facial hair can feel very coarse on the skin. Facial hair can also cause the skin underneath to become very dry and in extreme cases cause beard dandruff. If you feel your face getting dry and irritated we recommend investing in a specific beard oil or moisturiser.


It keeps you warm! When the winter season comes around and temperatures begin to drop, what could possibly be better than a permanent fuzzy blanket for your face. Just be careful a stray marshmallow, from that hot chocolate you had earlier, doesn’t get lost in there.

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