Keeping It Cool

Possibly the weirdest product I've ever reviewed, or even seen for that matter! Is Below the Belt ball cleaning spray. That's right! Cleaning spray you use down below, basically the male dry shampoo, right?

Warm the gel first!

Even though this sounds crazy, it does work! I was quite apprehensive at first however after trying it a few times "when a shower isn't enough" it does make the 'smell' go away. They recommend using before a night out and I can definitely see why, this would be an absolute life saver when it comes to keeping clean after a big night out. Used alongside their After Shower Gel, which is definitely 'cool' when its applied (I suggest you warm it up in your hands first). The gel should be applied each time you use your antiperspirant as it acts as a way to keep your balls and crotch area cool and dry.

Perfect if your always on the run, very sporty or live for the night life!

The range spans from everyday use to specially designed sports gels, the spray and gels come in three category's: cool, active and fresh. It's save to say that the spray is easier than the classic talc powder and doesn't smell like old people either! Not only are all the products produced in the UK but they are all vegan and Cruelty-free. We definitely recommend you add one of these to your next SLAY box! Even if it's just to try it out!

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