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Investing in your appearance

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Being a man can be very hard, we take on a lot of responsibility and it can take a toll on our bodies. Most men over look self-care and focus on their physical strength which can have a negative impact on mental health. It’s important to understand that self-care isn’t being selfish, you have to put yourself first so you can look after others better. In all the drama of everyday life from work to hanging out with friends, it’s hard to remember the simple things like using a charcoal face mask. We are going to take you though a few tips that can help you every day.

1) Invest in Your Skin

Not only the first impression you give to other people it’s also the one area of the body we have the most issues with. From redness to dry skin it can be hard to focus on the beauty underneath all the skin drama, just using simple products and tricks will fix any problems you have with your skin.

Keep your skin as clean as you can, washing your face each morning will take away some of the oils on your skin. This can make your skin dry so we suggest you invest in a moisturiser, it’s important to remember that you check for the SPF as the sun can cause even more damage. For perfect skin using a face wash 2 times a day will remove all the oil and dirt, finding the right face wash can be hard so we suggest you think about what you need it for, before you buy.

2) Keep your eyes up

Keep the focus on your hair, it will shape your face and head and improve your overall look. What can you do with your hair? Your hair will slowly produce oils naturally that can make your hair look greasy but are important for keeping your hair healthy. We recommend that you oil your hair twice a week for the best glossy hair. Use a shampoo that doesn’t have harsh chemicals like sulphates, this will benefit your hairs strength and appearance.

Your hair doesn’t just grow on your head, make sure your looking after your facial hair also. An unkept beard can make you look very unclean, using beard oils will solve this, we suggest investing in a beard shampoo as well.

3) Below the Belt

Talking about the intimate area can be awkward, your manhood deserves the highest attention from you. Keeping the surrounding area clean will improve your mental health as well as your physical drive. You will look stunning and your partner will think so too, and when you have the confidence try investing in some new underwear. We recommend you try out our classic or VIP boxes which include premium underwear that is guaranteed to make you look sexy.

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