How to SLAY Everyday!

Our boxes are designed to ensure you look and feel your best everyday!

Looking good or treating yourself is really important for anyone's mental and physical health, SLAY Boxes wants to ensure that every man feels amazing every day and isn't afraid to show who they really are! Our boxes include products especially made for men that can sometimes be looked at controversially. Our mission – to make every gay man feel comfortable enough to be who they want to be.

Gay pride flag
Gay Pride


Your routine will start the day you receive your first box, inside your box will be a detailed ‘Routine Guide’ created by your slay consultant. This guide will explain what is in your box and how to use it, it will also give you advice on how to stay on track with your routine. Our aim to boost your well-being and give you goals to make your day start or end better. How do you want to slay? Basic, classic or VIP, we want to make sure your routine is perfect. Chose a plan that fits your daily life.

Personal Slay Consultant

When you purchase your box you will be assigned a SLAY consultant who you ask you a few questions to ensure what we pack for you is the perfect fit! You can fill in this information a few ways: The SLAY Bot, Email, Phone or filling in the form on our website. We want to make sure what we pack is the perfect fit and you feel comfortable with what you receive.

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