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The Ultimate Grooming Guide for Men!

This simple guide will help you save time and money on grooming products! Get your grooming routine in shape without splashing the cash and without having to lift a finger!

Men's grooming can be traced back decades to the simple hair and beard grooming to today's modern age approach. Men's grooming was made 'normal' when adopted by the gay community back in the 1970s. The epic drag queens to the hairy bears, all men wanted to try the latest in grooming advances. Today men's grooming becomes to the norm for most men including but not limited to celebrate football stars such as David Beckham.

Wait! You only use shaving cream?

Most men will pick up shaving cream or moisturiser in their local store and call it a day. some without even looking at the price or brand, let alone the contents and ingredients! Just picking up any old product might save you time but could be harmful to your skin, you just don't know it. Take the average shaving cream, costing around £3 and will last approximately a month of shaving. However how many of you also moisturise after shaving? Reports say that fewer than 40% and with less than 20% aged over 50 when it is most important to take care of your skin to help stop the ageing process.

Why is it important to have a grooming routine?

Waking up and starting your day at 11 am, walking into the kitchen and starting with an early lunch is probably not the best for motivation or general health. Waking up, having a shower then eating a healthy breakfast will help your mental and physical health, you should also find you have time to apply a pea-sized amount of cream to your face also before heading out the door. That simple grooming step could not only protect your skin from the harsh pollutants, improve skins clarity or energize you but will also make you feel better about yourself and motivate you to do the same tomorrow!

Getting home from work or after a day of wrestling with the children, the last thing you want to do is more work. The evening is a time for relaxing and getting ready for sleep, creating an evening grooming routine will help your mind start to calm and shut down for the night. Face masks with cucumbers under your eyes isn't what we suggest! However, a relaxing face mask is a good way to take some time for yourself, getting ready for bed and having a better sleep will help ensure you feel motivated in the morning.

What tools are there to help?

Morning, evening or even at work a grooming routine will not only help boost your appearance but will also assist your mental image of yourself. Motivation is hard when you don't feel like you have the tools to change what makes you feel down, especially if you don't have the time to research or study the products that could help. Wouldn't it be good if there was someone who could do all that for you? That would be great! Ermm..... Well, you could take 5 minutes to fill out a personal grooming form and have a Slay Consultant do all the work for you? That sounds great! Having a subscription box delivered to your door each month with the tools, products and expert knowledge that will improve your mental and physical health!

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