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Your slay plan determines how much you want to spend on your grooming routine



£25 / a month

Start Your Beauty Routine



£40 / a month

Take Pride In Your Appearance



£55 / a month

 Premium Brands & Extras


Start Building Your Routine
Each box is personalised and will feature a different 'routine'. Start with our Routine Builder and find out how we could help you before you start your plan!
I Live for the PREMIUM Life!

Fancy the premium lifestyle? Not only do you receive your personal slay consultant who will build your monthly boxes and compose your routine guide, but they are also only a call or message away if you get stuck, want some advice or need to update anything. Each premium plan comes with special gifts and access to special discounts and giveaways.

Our Pride Premium tire plan is perfect if you want a monthly hit of gorgeous underwear and a routine that fits around you! Our premium products are at the top of the range and specifically designed for your technical requirements.

If you are confident in your own skin and want to explore more products you are defiantly a VIP Premium guy! You will receive a top of the range grooming products for men with special monthly gifts designed just for you in each box! Not only that, you're automatically entered into our giveaways and receive offers before anyone else! You are a VIP after all….

I'm Just Starting Out...

If you want to get your ducks in a row and sort out a grooming routine that fits around you, then the starter plan is ideal for you! Your plan comes with a personalised routine guide that features all the products in your monthly box, giving you all the information you need. You can update your grooming information at any time using your member area, as well as get updates about upcoming giveaways or discounts.

Which Plan is Right for Me?

Picking the right men’s grooming plan can be hard, not knowing what you will receive is stressful! Do I want to spend money on a monthly box when I don’t know what I’m getting? Yes! The element of surprise is what makes online subscription boxes so popular. We guarantee that you will love your personalised grooming routine, over half of our current Slayers have already upgraded to premium plans to enjoy the special gifts and underwear!

We have a few plans that you might like to try, if you are not sure talk to one of our Slay Consultants using our handy online chat.