The Story of How It Started

My Grooming Routine

Looking good or treating yourself is really important for anyone's mental and physical health, SLAY Boxes wants to ensure that every man feels amazing everyday and isn't afraid to show who they really are! Our boxes include products especially made for men that can sometimes be looked at controversially. 


"I want my partner to look at me and think I respect them enough to make an effort."

- Tan France, Queer Eye


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"Every Man Should Know it's Normal to Want to Look Their Best"

- Dan, Head Slay Consultant

My story starts at the beginning like most....

School can be a rough place if you’re not in the popular crowd. I found this out pretty quickly and as a result, you find yourself silenced. Which for me, lead to a struggle for acceptance, fortunately, this meant I spent most of my time working on new skills that I could show off! I found different skills I didn't know I had and used them to my full advantage! One key skill was business, it created my sense of confidence, which lead to me starting my first business at 19.

Slay boxes started like most other business, with a simple light bulb moment. It occurred to me after trying many different online subscription services, I had tones of grooming products that I had either used once and decided I didn’t like or products that only had enough in them to be used once. Which left me feeling like I was missing out if I didn't buy that product, well doesn’t that defeat the point of the subscription service? I was left feeling no better for myself each month and nothing changed as a result of it, I still didn’t like the look of my skin and that knocked my confidence. I started creating my grooming routine, reading through QG magazine and a countless number of blog posts and product reviews, not to mention the hundreds of Youtube videos, which after a while lead me to believe it was hopeless to find any products I wanted to use. This is where the light bulb moment comes in, I asked myself why there isn’t any personal help or advice online that could do all this work for me? From that day onwards I chose to slay every day, looking at myself as confident and proud of my appearance, my goal is to help and support others who feel their image affects their mental health and show them the perfect products to master their grooming routine.


Since then working with different people from all backgrounds and story's seems easier, opening up to people and acceptance is something everyone deserves. My mission is to bring everyone closer together from all community, however, that's a big starting point; so I'm starting with you! To all the men out there who struggle with acceptance and opening up as who they are, start with a box until you're comfortable to bust out!

Our boxes are for straight men just as much for the LQBTQ community. Please bring everyone together!


And like most story's we still don't know the ending, but we hope you are part of it...

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