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Men's Lifestyle Blog Advice: Consider Beauty Boxes!

If you find yourself surfing every men's lifestyle blog on the internet, you might already be aware of some pretty cool changes to the beauty industry. For starters, Slay Boxes is seeking to revolutionize the way that we interface with the average Men's lifestyle blog. Slay Boxes is a subscription service that is filled to the brim with beauty products made specifically for gay and straight men.


Slay Boxes does more than just give their customers affordable products with regularity, they are also doing their part to normalize male beauty supplies. Even with all of the men's lifestyle blog articles out there, mainstream beauty products still are rarely aimed at men. Slay Boxes is an eco-friendly distributor of quality products, but they are also an integral component of the fashion-forward movement.


If you want to hear more about what Slay Boxes has to offer, contact their team directly. Slay Boxes is located in Par, England, but their services can be accessed via their personal website.


Talk to our team about your box, and find out how we help you slay!




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