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The field of men's self care is one that has rarely been explored. For some reason, we have gotten it into our heads that it is not 'manly' to care about how you look. Fortunately, the internet has become the great equaliser and now men's self care is finally getting the attention that it deserves. If you are new to the field of male beauty care, you've come to the right place. In order to get started, you might want to consider subscription box services like those offered by Slay Boxes.

What's in The Box?

Grooming & Lifestyle Products

Our grooming products range depending on what you require for your routine. Our basic products include face wash or shower gels, whereas the premium products are the nicer branded products such as Aesop, Lab Series and other major brands.


Products can include fragrances, toothpaste, face masks and make-up. Check our social media pages and blog for product updates!

Surprise Product?

While we believe you should never hide your true self, we understand that you might want to stay discreet. Our packaging is plain and only shows our logo.

Products are aimed at men's grooming and lifestyle. This can include pride glitter, shavers, sunglasses, clothing, gift cards, extra underwear  or more. We are always changing our surprises, it wouldn't be a surprise otherwise....

If you are unsure about what products you are going to receive, we will only send products we know you'll love or your money back!


We only use top men's underwear brands, before your box is sent we will find out what styles you prefer. (available in our premium plans only)

You can select your preferred style and brands once you have either signed up or started a plan.

Personalised Routine Guide

Personalised to you, slay boxes provides you with grooming & lifestyle products that fit to you and your daily routine. Every slay plan comes with a Routine Guide which helps you understand the products in your box. Not only does it tell you about the products it also assists you in using them in the correct way to better yourself!

Your Slay Routine Awaits...

Start Your Day the Routine Way!

Personalised for your grooming requirements 

Slay who?

Your Slay Consultant

Every slayer will be assigned a personal slay consultant or PSC, they are here to plan and pack your box each month and help you keep on track. Before we send anything we first need to know what you need. After filling in the 'routine information' form we can start planning your box.

What we do...

It's our job to make sure what you receive in your box is perfect for you, the routine guide we give you will help keep you on track. Each monthly box will give you the new products that will add on to your routine!

Always here for you!

In order to make sure that you are getting the right men's monthly subscription box, take time to talk to a Slay Consultant. The discussion that you have with your Slay Consultant will determine what products you receive every month.

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Brands We Love


Bulldog Skincare is an award winning, cruelty free range, delivering high impact skincare you can trust as part of your daily cleansing and skincare rituals. From facial care to body care, the brand offers products perfect for every skin type, skin concern and everything in-between.


An Aussie brand of men's underwear that has captured the world in the last few years! They have created inventive ways to boost and control your underwear needs, still keeping the classic 'gay' underwear brand.

The Ordinary

Designed with science in mind, their products contain only the most effective ingredients in their clinical formulations. You can use the one product or stack a range of them to keep your skin in its best possible condition. The Ordinary is also 100% cruelty-free. 

Andrew Christian 

From crazy designs that make you stand out at pride festivals to comfortable underwear for the bedroom. The designer underwear of Andrew Christian is one of the biggest 'gay' brands globally. 

Men's Self Care is Easier Than Ever.

Uk's First Gay Grooming & Underwear Box

Slay Boxes is a premier developer of beauty subscription boxes, based out of Par, England. With a focus on gay men, Slay Boxes are also applicable to straight men. Each Slay Box comes packaged with items that have been carefully selected based off of your interview with your Slay Consultant. Every month, you'll get new products shipped right to your front door!

Slay Boxes is a men's monthly subscription box that sends out amazing products to their subscribers every single month. Slay Boxes feature an array of beauty products including makeup, skincare, and hair care products. Your Slay Box is available in one of three different tiers, with each tier offering an additional item. Right now the basic tiers are SLAY Starter, SLAY Pride, and SLAY VIP.


In order to make sure that you are getting the right men's monthly subscription box, take time to talk to a Slay Consultant. The discussion that you have with your Slay Consultant will determine what products you receive every month.


Talk to our team about your box, and find out how we help you slay!





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