Start Your Personalised Grooming Routine...

Step by Step

Step 1

Why Do I Need a Routine?

At SLAY Boxes we know that every man is different, which means we all have different goals. Not to mention, we all have different skin types. We offer a different routine guide for each of your goals or concerns. These are our top 4 routines that we feature for your personalised grooming routine. 

We have over 60 different routine guides that take into account the products in the routine and the main goal. Get your morning routine going with our 'Wearing Your Breakfast Box'. After a few boxes, you could be worthy of our 'Earning Your Black Belt Box'.


Step 2

Choose a Plan

Pause or cancel at anytime.

If you change your mind or need to update your grooming subscription box, just let your personal slay consultant know.

p.s. That's why we're here!

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From £25

This is a good place to start! Get your grooming routine sorted with our starter plan, which comes with all the grooming products you'll need and your handy routine guide.

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From £40

If you want a grooming routine that fits around you, you should do it in style! Our Premium plans come with branded underwear to make you look your best!

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From £55

If you want a grooming routine that fits around you, you should do it in style! Our Premium plans come with branded underwear to make you look your best!


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Premium Plans Come with Underwear

Plans from £40 a month

Step 3

Routine It!

Your first box will include all the information you could possibly need; routine guide, products, product description. If you need some extra help or not sure where to start, your slay consultant is one message away!

Every slayer will be assigned a personal slay consultant or PSC, they are here to plan and pack your box each month and help you keep on track. Before we send anything we first need to know what you need. After filling in the 'routine information' form we can start planning your box.


Slay What?

What’s a routine guide?

In every box you receive there is a routine guide, this small guide will go through everything that’s in your box. The guide will also tell you how to use each product, how often to use them and when to use them. This guide will give you all the information you could possibly need to slay your grooming routine!

What’s the difference between a routine and a plan?

Your slay plan is your subscription/one off purchase, you can select 1 of 3 different tier plans that include different quantities and quality.

The Starter plan comes with just grooming products, this is the perfect place to start if you want a grooming routine that doesn’t break the bank! Our premium plans come with more expensive products/ brands as well as a pair of underwear so you can slay your routine in comfort and style!

Your routine depends on your grooming goals and products, if your not sure where to start then filling in our Routine Builder might be a good first step! This tool will tell us which areas you want to focus on and then a PSC can get back to you with the perfect routine!

How do I select a routine?

Your routine is determined by your grooming goals/ products. If you are desperate to try out a routine simply talk to a Slay Consultant using the ‘Chat’ feature and let them know before or after you purchase. We don’t send anything until we’ve spoken or you’ve filled in the Routine Builder!

Routine Builder?

This amazing and simple tool allows us to understand what your problem areas are and how we could help fix them. Before we send your box out we ask that you try and fill in the simple 3 step questions.

How is my box personalised?

We know that every man is different and this means that every man has different grooming requirements. It most definitely is not one product fits all! By talking to a PSC or using our Routine Builder we can let you know what products/routine is perfect for you.