Personalised Grooming & Underwear Box

Find Your Grooming Routine

What is a Men's Grooming Subscription Box? 

Unlike most grooming subscription boxes, we will talk you though the process and set up a routine. We want to make sure you're a better man, personalised to you. 




Pause or cancel at anytime.

If you change your mind or need to update your grooming subscription box, just let your personal slay consultant know.

p.s. That's why we're here!


From £25

This is a good place to start! Get your grooming routine sorted with our starter plan, comes with all the grooming products you'll need and your handy routine guide.

  • 2 Grooming/Lifestyle Products

  • Surprise (?)

  • Personalised Slay Routine Guide

  • Postage Included


From £40

If you want a grooming routine that fits around you, you should do it in style! Our Premium plans come with branded underwear to make you look your best!

  • 2+ Premium Grooming/Lifestyle Products

  • 1 Premium Underwear

  • 1 Surprise (?)

  • Personalised Slay Routine Guide

  • Postage Included

  • Plus Special Gifts!

Subscription Box for MEN?

Subscription boxes have become more popular than ever. You'll see subscription boxes of every kind if you spend enough time on the internet. With that being said, most people still don't know what a men's beauty box is. So, what is a men's beauty box and why should you order one from Slay Boxes?

A men's beauty box is a subscription service that mails quality products right to your front door. At Slay Boxes, these subscription services are ordered into three separate tiers. No matter which tier you select, you'll be on the receiving men's grooming/lifestyle products that contribute towards your routine! Men's beauty box suppliers are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people begin to accept the movement.

At Slay Boxes, our goal is to provide you with the custom men's beauty box that fits YOU. For that reason, we work closely with our customers in order to tailor their boxes to their specific desires. Slay Boxes is here to give you what you need!

Wasting Money on Beauty Products?

Shopping for men's grooming products can be hard. After all, you can't really stroll through a store while looking for the 'Perfect products for Chris'  aisle'. No matter what specific products you are looking for, you will be able to get a hold of them via a grooming subscription box. What's more, your personalised grooming subscription box will be tailored specifically to your needs so that you are always happy with what shows up on your doorsteps. If you haven't heard of grooming subscription boxes, let us explain the concept to you.

Want the Perfect Fit!

Slay Boxes is a premier subscription service located in London United Kingdom. Founded by someone with a mission for change, Slay Boxes is focused on making it easier than ever to be comfortable in your own skin. After discussing your daily grooming routine with a Slay Consultant, you'll be able to register your unique Slay Box delivery schedule. Once a month, at your front door, you'll find the perfect gay men's beauty products and premium underwear for your desires.

Men in underwear
Grooming Boxes for Every Man...
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All our grooming & lifestyle boxes for men are packed using recyclable material from old cardboard boxes! We ask that you either keep your box as a way of storing your products or recycle your box! 

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Happy Slayers

What They're Saying

Ryan Shergold

I received my first ever Slay Box and I can safely say, I was more than pleasantly surprised. Overall, so far I’m very impressed and looking forward to receiving my next box!

Jason Pook

Absolutely loved everything inside. There is so much, mask, creams, and Scrub I especially love the shower gel it’s so fresh ! Thanks slay box 📦! I’ll defo be ordering this again!

Benjamin R

All of the products in my box were high quality. My slay consultant has been very helpful with questions and concerns. I’m definitely looking forward to future boxes.


Talk to our team about your box, and find out how we help you slay!




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