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This is a good place to start! Get your grooming routine sorted with our starter plan, which comes with all the grooming products you'll need and your handy routine guide.

Grooming Products & Routine

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From £40

If you want a grooming routine that fits around you, you should do it in style! Our Premium plans come with branded underwear to make you look your best!

Premium Grooming & Underwear

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The Ultimate Grooming Guide for Men!

Shopping for men's grooming products can be hard. After all, you can't stroll through a store while looking for the 'Perfect products for Chris aisle'. No matter what specific products you are looking for, you will be able to get a hold of them via a grooming subscription box. What's more, your personalised grooming subscription box will be tailored specifically to your needs so that you are always happy with what shows up on your doorsteps.

1. Which Routine?

Do you want to attack your acne-prone skin or volumize your hair? We have a routine for every possible grooming goal, you can try our routine builder to find out which routine guide is best for you!

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2. Select a Plan

How do you want to slay? Just grooming products or underwear, Starter or Premium? Make sure your personalised grooming box is perfect by choosing a plan that fits you.

3. Slay Every Day!

Your first box will include all the information you could possibly need; routine guide, products, product description. If you need some extra help or not sure where to start, your slay consultant is one message away!

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SLAY What?

Not sure which routine is best for you?
Try the NEW Routine Builder and find out how we could help you before you start your plan!

Wasting Money on Beauty Products?

We believe that great products shouldn’t be hard to find. At SLAY Boxes, we’ve searched far and wide for fabulous items, all at affordable prices. Simply answer a few questions, pick the plan that works best for you, and you’re all set. Keep browsing our site for more information, and make sure to check out our plans to see how we could help you.


"I Know Nothing About Grooming? Help!"

At Slay Boxes, our goal is to provide you with the perfect personalised grooming box that fits YOU. For that reason, we work closely with our customers in order to tailor their boxes to their specific desires. Slay Boxes is here to give you what you need!

How Is My Routine Personalised?

At SLAY Boxes, our mission is to deliver a unique collection of items to each customer’s home, every single month — which is why we have a dedicated team of professionals who pick out quality items to include in each box. Our company was born from a desire to give men motivation to always look there best, delivered straight to their doorstep. Subscribe now to start receiving this joy right away.


Personal Stylist For Your Grooming Routine

Morning, evening or even at work a grooming routine will not only help boost your appearance but will also assist your mental image of yourself. Motivation is hard when you don't feel like you have the tools to change what makes you feel down, especially if you don't have the time to research or study the products that could help. Wouldn't it be good if there was someone who could do all that for you? That would be great! Ermm..... Well, you could take 5 minutes to fill out a personal grooming form and have a Slay Consultant do all the work for you? That sounds great! Having a subscription box delivered to your door each month with the tools, products and expert knowledge that will improve your mental and physical health!

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Grooming Boxes for Every Man...
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Ryan Shergold

I received my first ever Slay Box and I can safely say, I was more than pleasantly surprised. Overall, so far I’m very impressed and looking forward to receiving my next box!


Jason Pook

Absolutely loved everything inside. There is so much, mask, creams, and Scrub I especially love the shower gel it’s so fresh ! Thanks slay box 📦! I’ll defo be ordering this again!


Benjamin R

All of the products in my box were high quality. My slay consultant has been very helpful with questions and concerns. I’m definitely looking forward to future boxes.